Course Service


Providing a good course service is one of PERSkring’s most important tasks. We try to offer our students the widest possible range of readers, summaries, exam questions, etc., in collaboration with the professors. In order to offer our students the best possible quality and care, we organize our course service from academic year 2011-2012 together with all other student associations at the VUB. Our courses are sold via the OSD shop, which is open on a daily basis.

[edgt_process number_of_items=”four” skin=”dark”][edgt_process_item highlighted=”no” title=”Go to the website” text=”Register your username and password on our course service website” image=”72″][edgt_process_item highlighted=”no” title=”Create your account” text=”You fill in your general data and your academic year.” image=”82″][edgt_process_item highlighted=”no” title=”Order your items” text=”After this you can click through to the ‘aanbod’ and select the items that you need” image=”85″][edgt_process_item highlighted=”no” title=”Pay and collect” text=”Did you order everything? Then it’s time to pay. This can be cash in the OSD locally, or via bank transfer.” image=”87″][/edgt_process]
[edgt_call_to_action layout=”normal” content_in_grid=”yes” button_text=”To the website” button_type=”solid” button_size=”” button_target=”_blank” button_link=”” button_color=”#4c4c4c” button_hover_color=”#e5af00″]If there are any questions about the operation of the course service, you can always send an e-mail to Would you prefer to order immediately? Then go to the website via this button![/edgt_call_to_action]