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Who are we?

PERSkring has been the faculty related organization for and by communication scholars at the Free University of Brussels since 1975. In 2020 we celebrated the 45th anniversary of our beloved gray organisation. Since 2017, we also represent social sciences students, so you will hear both Dutch and English at PERSkring. PERSkring tries to offer students all aspects of student life by organizing versatile activities. From td’s and cantuses, to tours of VRT, a job fair, guest lectures and a course service for extracurricular study materials. Besides organizing activities, there is also plenty of time to fully enjoy student life together. We enjoy together as a large group of friends what studying and student life at VUB has to offer us.

Together we want to make the most of our VUB careers by combining our studies and our social lives. PERSkring is the right place to get to know fellow students, life at VUB and Brussels. Everyone is welcome to try out our activities and join us. For more information, we can always be reached at or through our Facebook page and Instagram page PERSkring VUB.