PERSkring was created in the year 1975 under the leadership of Philippe Renders and Nadina Peeters.

Throughout the years PERSkring developed into the student association that we know today. PERSkring is for all students of communication sciences and organizes versatile activities. From student events such as cantusses and TDs to study-related activities, such as job fairs and a course service.

PERS also underwent some important historical changes:

  • In 1989, our faculty had various student associations, namely PERS, GerRom and Historia
  • n 1992 there were PRESkring, GerRom and Historia-Filosofia
  • The final merger of GerRom and Historia-Filosofia in 1993 led to the establishment of LWK. PERSkring continued to exist separately.
  • In 2013, communication sciences from faculty L&W (LWK) changed to ES (KEPS & Solvay) and PERSkring also followed the faculty change.
  • As of 2017, PERSkring also represents the Social Sciences students at the VUB!
[edgt_info_card image=”353″ title=”Why is PERSkring a separate student association for communication science students within the Faculty of ES (formerly L&W)?” description=”In 1989 our faculty had various student associations, namely PERS, GerRom and Historia. The philosophy students did not immediately receive a place and wanted to change this. Setting up a new organisations was almost impossible because all of these separate organisations were already having trouble to survive. That is why the idea of merging gradually came into place. Evidently this merge turned out to be impossibility for some parties. A unification with the PRESkring or Historia was not on the table. GerRom had to close down for a few years. When they started back up, the idea of a fusion started to re-emerge. Opinions were divided, however. One wanted an amalgamation with PERSkring, the other without. In the end there was no merger but an addition of the philosophy students at Historia. A new circle was born: Historia-Philosophia. As the latter two had a hard time financially, a final merger into LWK turned out to be the only solution to save these organisations. PERSkring was also asked to participate in the merger. We did not have any financial, quantitative or financial difficulties, so we decided to stay a separate student association for and by communication science students.”]